Pig & Whistle Menu

Enjoy your meals in the comfortable atmosphere of the Pig & Whistle or venture into the garden bar to enjoy the great covered outdoor setting. Either way the Pig & Whistle is the ideal venue for lunch or dinner. Download the menu as a PDF (2mb) file from the right.

Available from 11.30am - 10.00pm, 7 days a week.  We have Vegetarian and Gluten Free (GF) options.



The Pig Bread & Dip Platter Turkish Bread, Parmesan Kaiser Roll & Foccacia Bread served with Assorted Dips. 18.7 (Serves 2)

Garlic Bread  Four Slices of Toasted Garlic Buttered French Bread.  4.7

Garlic Pizza Eight slices of Garlic Buttered  Base Pizza Base. 8.7 Add Cheese or Tomato Jam. 2.7

Today’s Soup  See the Specials Board for today’s flavour. Served with Fresh Baked Baguette & Butter.  13.7

Seafood Chowder  Thick & Creamy, served with Fresh Baked Baguette & Butter.  15.7

Bread and Dips

Light Meals

Caesar Salad (GF - without Croutons) Cos Lettuce, Bacon, Hard Boiled Egg, Croutons & Caesar Dressing, lightly tossed & topped with Parmesan. 16.7 
Add Anchovies- no extra charge

Add Grilled Chicken or Prawns - 3.7

New Zealand Lamb Salad (GF)  Mint Marinated Lamb Rump Slices, set on Green Beans, Spinach Leaves, Capsicum, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Kalamata Olives & Feta Cheese. Topped with Hummus & Tzatzaki.  20.7

Thai Prawn & Calamari Salad  Lemon Pepper Seasoned Squid Rings & Prawns served on Asian Salad of Carrots, Mung Beans, Pea Shoots, Cucumber with a Coriander, Mint, Hoi Sin & Sesame Dressing. Topped with Sweet Chilli, Aioli & Fresh Lemon. 19.7

 Harissa Spiced Chicken Salad  (GF Without Noodles) Grilled Chicken Tenders rubbed with African Spices set on Lettuce Leaves, Asian Slaw, Avocado & Cashews. Topped with Sweet Chilli,  Aioli & Crispy Noodles. 19.7

Morroccan Spiced Beef Rump Skewers (GF- Without Pita Pocket) Beef Skewers Marinated in Morroccan Spices served with Tomato Kasundi, Steamed Rice, Salad & a Warm Pita Pocket. 19.7

Warm Summer Vegetable Salad (V) Slow Roasted Seasonal Summer vegetables Marinated in Middle Eastern Spices. Mixed with Salad Greens & Baby Beetroot. Dressed with an Apricot Relish & topped with Grilled Haloumi. 19.7

Beef Nachos with Sour Cream or Vegetarian Nachos (V) with Gaucamole
Small- 11.7 (serves 1)      Medium- 16.7 (serves 2-3)      Large- 21.7 (serves 3-4)


Burgers & Sandwiches

Chicken Satay Burger Chicken Fillets Grilled & served with Spicy Satay Sauce.  20.7

Tandoori Chicken Burger Chicken Fillets Marinated in Tandoori Paste, Coriander & Yoghurt.. Grilled & served with Mango Chutney. 20.7

New Zealand Lamb Burger  Prime Lamb Pattie with Beetroot & Tomato Relish.  20.7

Beef, Bacon & Mushroom Burger  Prime New Zealand Beef Pattie with Grilled Streaky Bacon, Kapiti Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Grilled Field Mushroom, Tomato Relish & BBQ sauce.  20.7

Chicken Sandwich Pesto Marinated Chicken Fillets Grilled & served with Streaky Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Pineapple Salsa, Spinach Leaves, Red Onion & Tomoato in a Toasted Turkish Pocket.  22.7

Steak Sandwich Seared Sirloin Steak in Toasted Foccacia Bread with Aioli, Onion Jam, Lettuce, Tomato Relish & Cheddar Cheese a Fried Egg. 22.7

Moroccan Lamb Sandwich Lamb Rump Slices Marinated in Moroccan Spices served with Hummus, Feta, Spinach Leaves, Red Onion & Tomato Relish. Topped with Tzatzaki in a Toasted Turkish Pocket. 22.7

All Burgers are built with Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion & Aioli on a Freshly Baked Bread Bun served with Pigtail Fries.

Options: Change Fries to Salad for no extra charge.



Pub Classics

Vegetarian Options: We have more Vegetarian Options Available. Please Enquire at the Bar.

Fish & Chips  Beer Battered or Pan-Fried Fish of the Day. Served with Pigtail Fries, Tartare Sauce & Salad.              

Pork Spare Ribs  (GF) Lots of Ribs (& only Ribs) Roasted in a Plum, Orange & BBQ Glaze then Oven Baked until Sticky.  23.7     

Marinated Leg of Lamb Steak (GF) Leg of Lamb Steak Marinated in Mint & Oriental Spices. Served with Kumara Wedges Roasted in a Tomato, Thyme & Garlic Coating. Accompanied with Cucumber Yoghurt & Dressed Leaves. 28.7 


 Scotch Fillet Steak (GF- Served Plain or with Garlic Butter Sauce only) Prime New Zealand Scoth Fillet cooked to your liking. Served with Potato & Kumara Mash & Seasonal Vegetables OR Steak Cut Fries & Salad. Accompanied with Mushroom Sauce, Garlic Butter Sauce OR Pepper Sauce. 31.7

Thai Salmon Nicoise Salad (GF) Salmon Fillets Marinated in Thai Red paste, then Seared & Served on a Nicoise Salad of Boiled Minted Potatoes, Olives, Red Onion, Boiled Egg, Cucumber & Seasonal Greens. Dressed with a Lemon & Herb Dressing. 28.7

Beef Schnitzel Classic Beef Schnitzel Crumbed in Parmesan & Oregano Bread Crumbs, served with Mash & Seasonal Vegetables OR Fries & Salad. Accompanied with Gravy. 23.7

Portuguese Chicken (GF) Butterfly Chicken Breast Marinated in Chilli, Smoky Paprika, Oregano & Cumin. Grilled & Served with Charred Corn on the Cob, Rice, Warm Flatbread, Mango Salsa & Dressed Leaves 28.7

Steak, Guinness & Mushroom Pie Beef Steak cooked until tender in Guinness Gravy & topped with a Butter Puff Pastry Top, served with Potato & Kumara Mash & Seasonal Vegetables OR Pigtail Fries & Salad. 23.7

Twice Cooked Bourbon Pork Belly Pork Belly Strips Marinated in Bourbon, Mustard, Ginger & Soy, then cooked until Tender. Served with Salad, Chunky Fries & a Bourbon, Plum & BBQ Dipping Sauce. 27.7

Seared Venison Medallions Venison Meadallions served with Grilled Polenta, Field Mushroom, Seasonal Greens & Beetroot Relish. Topped with a Green Peppercorn Sauce. 32.7

Roast Chicken & Cajun Linguini Bound in a Cajun & Parmesan Cheese Cream Sauce with Sundried Tomato, Mushroom & Capsicum. Topped with Fresh Herbs & Shaved Parmesan. 22.7 Vegetarian Option (V) 19.7   


Children’s Meals

Ham & Pineapple Pizza With Pigtail Fries. 12.7

Fresh Fish Bites With Pigtail Fries.  13.7

Crumbed Chicken Tenders With Pigtail Fries or Mash & Seasonal Vegetables. Accompanied with Gravy. 13.7

 Macaroni Cheese With Ham 12.7

Kids Cheese Burger With Pigtail Fries 13.7



Snack Menu (These items are available from 11:30am until close)

Small 8.7 (Serves 1),       Medium  12.7 (Serves 2 - 3),          Large 16.7 (Serves 3 - 4).  

Criss Cut Chips  With Sour Cream & Onion Jam.

Pigtail Fries  With Tomato Sauce & Aioli.

Steak Cut Fries (GF) WithTomato Sauce & Aioli.

 BBQ Chilli Chicken Wings (GF) Twice Cooked Spicy Chicken Wings served with BBQ Sauce. 14.7

Snack Pizza Ham & Pineapple 10.7

Side Dishes 6.0 each

Steak Cut Fries, Pigtail Fries, Seasonal Vegetables, Garden Salad, Potato & Kumara Mash, Steamed Rice.

Extra Dips & Sauces 1.5 each

Sour Cream, Tomato, Plum, Sweet Chilli, Satay, Aioli, Mayo, Vinegar, Guacamole, Hummus, Mustard, Hot Chilli, Beetroot Relish, Onion Jam, Mango Chutney, BBQ, Mint Jelly, Tartare.


Passionfruit & Peach Cheesecake With Vanilla Ice-cream. 12.7

Strawberry Shortbread Stack Strawberry Compote, Shortbread pieces, Vanilla Ice-cream & Whipped Cream. 13.7

Milk Chocolate & Bailey's Truffle Tart On a Biscuit Base with Berry Compote & Whipped Cream. 13.7


Drinks Menu

See our great range of tap beers and other beverages.




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