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A genuine Summer pub experience at the Pig and Whistle

WRITTEN ON 14 November 2019

With its new retractable roof in place, The Pig & Whistle is the place to be for a genuine summer pub experience. It’s the latest feature in the pub’s updated look after the past year, with new furniture also ready to welcome visitors looking for an outdoor drinking and dining vibe. The roof has been 18 months in the planning and gives the Tutanekai St venue a mark of difference. “We’re very excited by it,” says owner Gregg Brown. “It’s an update for us, the tent has been here for a very long time and this now means we can offer a genuine outdoor experience for our customers - it’s a step up for us, a whole new look.”


Also heralding the start of summer is the new summer menu with some of the winter favourites experiencing a makeover for summer. And there’s a new lighter lager on tap. Moa’s Genuine Lager is joining the on-tap range and has been described as a lighter, cleaner tasting lager and one that complements the new menu. “It’s not your typical full of flavour lager from Moa but more of a mainstream drink. It will be the ideal brew for when you finish work and want something light while enjoying the summer evenings.” The summer menu is proving to be a hit, and there are new dishes as well as some old favourites returning. The salmon steak is served with a sticky chilli, lemon sauced with kimchi & a nutty brown rice salad, topped with spring roll ribbons. Plus there’s a new salad called The Vegan, which includes seasoned beetroot, carrot & cumin artisan patties, which is proving to be a hit among customers of any dietary persuasion. Then there are the in-house made duck spring rolls, the seafood platter and the pork belly with summer greens. “We want our regulars to enjoy their favourites, but with a summer twist, while also giving other visitors a dining experience to remember.”


And since summer is the season for entertaining the new garden area is the idea setting for Happy Hour, which is from 3.30pm to 6pm daily. “Our saying is - why limit happy to one hour,” says Brown. “It gives local workers the opportunity to drop in straight from work, particularly if they get to finish early, and spend some time enjoying the sun outside.”


Customers can support local charities with their drink choices, one dollar from every litre sold is donated to the Rotorua Trails Trust and the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club first response unit. There’s also a donations box on the bar if you would prefer to support a tree-planting initiative - Tipu Wai has plans to plant more than 100,000 trees a year in the Waiariki catchment to aid restoration of the waterways and support native fish populations.


Quiz nights are coming to an end as summer warms up, the last nights are Tuesday, November 26 and Thursday, November 28.


There are still a few openings left for Christmas functions, so if you’re yet to arrange your festive celebrations, from work dos, family dinners and festive birthdays we are happy to host your celebrations. There is the upstairs function room but other options in the garden bar area or inside.