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Did someone say Kombucha on Tap?!

WRITTEN ON 27 November 2018

They started off in the Winter of 2013 as a small organic smoothie stall operating only on the weekends at the La Cigale French Markets in Parnell.


Organic Mechanic was on a journey toward health & wellbeing but also so much more. From brewing 20L a week on the kitchen bench to 1000L+ batches a week - Of which the Pig & Whistle Social House are now receiving some of!


From Classic Ginger to Lavender & Blackcurrant. Flavour may change regularly but come on down and see what the rave is all about. 


True craft kombucha, like Organic Mechanics, is a simple blend of water, organic teas, and organic sugar, fermented with a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Important health benefits include:


1. Good for your gut!

2. Full of antioxidants

3. Decreases blood sugar levels

4. Kills bad bacteria!


While you are here, you might want to see what else we have added on tap!


Join us at the Pig & Whistle for your daily dose of GOODNESS.